As an Oregon native, I grew up immersed in vibrant gardens cultivated my mother and grandfather as apart of the family owned perennial nurseries. In addition to my botanical lineage,  I was also influenced by my father's passion for illustration. During Sunday afternoons we sat quietly at the kitchen table with an array of pens, pencils, sketchbooks, how to drawing books and Bob Ross painting kits scattered across the kitchen table. Still resonating with me in my adult life, I honor those cherished childhood memories as I continue to develop a portfolio that reflects both the natural landscape and the creative culture of the area. 

I have found that another source of great inspiration has been live shows. My husband and I go to local venues and experience the diverse music scene that Portland has to offer.  Musicians' performances evoke an ambiance for gesture drawing in real life scenarios. For each concert I attend I tote a sketchbook and some pens in my pocket and wait for the performers take to the stage. Drawing to live music has become apart of my ongoing practice, that then creates the content for the Instagram Setsketches.  This project engages others and encourages a discussion of live gesture drawing, music and performance.